How I bought my dream car with BWM Finance

How I bought my dream car with BWM Finance

As well as enjoying my off-road vehicles, it has long been an ambition to of mine to buy a new BMW M3 and go on a long road trip around Europe. By using BMW Finance this month I was able to do just that and I’m now planning a long trip across to France where I will eventually reached Germany and drive down the autobahn and test out the full capabilities of my new BMW. Financing my BMW was reasonably easy as they are literally hundreds of dealerships out there willing to offer you credit, the hard part was actually finding a car that I liked and getting a good deal.

Anyone who is playing a performance car will have no doubt face the dilemma of playing brand-new secondhand, is to the car loses most of its value in the first three years. Because of this I thought long and hard about how best to finance my M3, in the end I decided to go brand-new, with the option to purchase outright at the end of the contract, this will allow me to buy a new one in a couple of years time if I feel a change in my card again.

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BMW Finance packages are hard to choose from

Unless you’re BMW Finance dealership is extremely good, you may find yourself swamped with a host of information that you just don’t understand. Unfortunately this is the nature of the car finance industry, you often need illegal expert to be able to understand some of the contract and terms of the use. Luckily I found a great dealership that explain everything to me and explain what options I had open for my car.

At the moment I’m currently looking into purchasing a Mercedes as my next car to, so this may further complicate things. Fortunately Mercedes Finance it Is also fairly attainable and very often can be made part of the same contract.

Because of the method that I chose to purchase the BMW, I am also able to have two free tractors every single month. These tractors will no doubt come in handy for putting my driving skills to the test and further improving them before I drive on the road, in particular some of the speeds of the autobahn in Germany can be a little intimidating.